by bestteamever171 at 7:01 PM
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JailMine has recently been rebranded and redesigned. We believe in a brand new experience for our users. The expected release date is 25th of August 2017.

It has been an extremely tough decision to turn JailMine premium, but we have decided that in order for the server to run properly with minimal effects from bug/glitches/exploits, we have not choice but to turn the server premium. I understand that many of you may be disappointed with this decision, but maintaining a cracked server is extremely time-consuming and a difficult job and as a result hinders the overall progress of the server.

Update 1: Prison released, Donated items/ranks to be regiven this week!
Update 2: GTA has opened (new features coming out soon)
Update 3: Worried someone might steal your forum acc? Secure it with Facebook!
Update 4: Added profile covers.